10 Things to Declutter in Your Living Room

Living Room Overload? 10 Easy Declutter Hacks to Breathe New Life into Your Space!

Ever feel like your living room is slowly being swallowed by a tidal wave of…stuff? You’re not alone! Our homes gather clutter like magnets, and before you know it, that peaceful haven turns into a storage unit for forgotten trinkets and dusty electronics. But for Volusia, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard County residents, reclaiming your space is easier than you think. Let’s tackle that clutter with ten quick and easy decluttering hacks:

1. The Magazine Graveyard: Admit it, those glossy pages from 2023 aren’t doing you any favors. Recycle them or create a curated stack of your all-time favorites.

2. The Business Start-Up: This one’s for all the entrepreneurs out there. Is there a designated “home” for all things work-related? Whether you own your own business or are stocking up on inventory to sell e-commerce, baskets or organizers are your new best friends. If these storage options aren’t sufficient, consider renting a space.

3. The “Maybe I’ll Use It” Pile: Be honest—that sewing machine collecting cobwebs isn’t happening. Donate it, sell it, or let it go! Space is precious. Use it for things you love.

4. The Sentimental Overload: Deciphering what to keep or toss can be tricky, but we have just the thing to help. Have photos you adore? Display them proudly! But those birthday cards from K-12? Toss.

5. The Expired Everything: Time to say goodbye to expired prescriptions, cosmetics, and everything in between. Instead of hoarding or tossing them into the garage, write a list to repurchase them at a later occasion.

6. The Decorative Dust Magnets: Do your knick-knacks spark joy? If not, give them a new home (donation, gift) or let them go. Less clutter, less dusting!

7. The Board Game Black Hole: Unless you and your loved ones are having game nights regularly, donate or sell them to other family and friends. Keep the classics and family favorites.

8. Seasonal Shift: Does your living room become a dumping ground for seasonal decorations or outdated business materials? Tackle the clutter head-on by rotating seasonal items in and out of storage, or consider our garage cleanout service!

9. The “Just in Case” Trap: “Just in case” rarely happens. Be honest about what you truly need and let go of the rest.

10. The Mystery Stuff under the Couch: We all know it’s there. Grab a flashlight, conquer the unknown, and donate, recycle, or toss what you find!

Decluttering your living room allows you to create a more inviting space that could potentially enhance your living experience. Two Tigers and a Truck is here to help you make the most of both spaces!